Friday, May 23, 2003

And two days later, my life as a freshman is over. By 2.30, I was done with my physics final and got out to smell the air of freedom for 10 days before research starts. Day of sadness for all most of my friends left..and more leaving Sunday..Im yet to think about ways to spend the week before research. Day started off fine..prepared my cheat sheet for the physics final and then went on to lunch. I finally shaved and tamed my hair, and dressed better for once..I was there at lunch for an hour and a half because I wouldnt be seeing some of the people before I was done. I gave her a hug wishing her a great summer.. Its the last time I saw her before she would be back in August. I didnt see Jeshica before she left nor did I see Rieko before she left. Then gave my final test and I was done!! Kit and me went to Best Buy and bought a DVD player for the summer. I saw the Matrix Reloaded as well, that is one kick ass movie (quite literally)!! And that was the day..

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