Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I was just at the library searching for Jessi because I had to read her paper, couldn't find her there though. I had a nice chat with Tara when I called their room from the library. These are some people I have really grown to like.. When I got to the library, I saw Stoyan and Komal talking and Komal didnt look very happy. I talked to her for a while before coming back to my room. She tells me that Jeshica said some very nasty stuff about her at the lunch table in front of everybody else (While Komal was in tears). That was plain stupid and uncalled for I think. I have never seen her this implusively stupid. She is a clam, keeps everything inside her or tells it to her guy in Nepal. And when she explodes, she can't control herself. I have seen that happen and it isn't pretty. There hostilities were underground at first and now, its all in the open. freaking moronic for this to happen at the end of the year! I am probably the happiest person apart from themselves to see that they have different roomies next year.
Tomorrow, I have a lab at 8 to look forward to, apart from preparing for my chem test on wednesday, lounge cleanup and the meeting I called for in the night. I don't know if I am looking forward to the meeting or not because I am not the person who enjoys giving a piece of my mind face to face. There are going to be uncomfortable situations but I can't handle it anymore, it definitely needs to be done.

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