Friday, May 16, 2003

Thursday: I have to wake up at 7.15 because physics lab had to be made up. So, I took my daily 30 min shower and made it to class right on time. We did the last experiment, Diffraction and microscope. It was a pretty short lab and I was out pretty early. I got to honors comp early and the class was adjourned quickly too since we didn't have much to do. My anthology is due by monday by the latest. When I got back to my room, I found Bhavya waiting online for me. I was really happy because I could finally chat with her. But when she told me that I shouldn't have sent the bracelet. From that point on, my happiness level for that day was bad enough with the chem lab quiz, it just slipped down many more levels.
*She has been the only permanent feature among my friends for the last 4 years. I really care a lot about her and don't know what my life would be like without her. I sent the charmed bracelet because I wanted to, I know it was not needed. It was meant to serve as a kind of friendship bracelet. I thought it would perk her up more seeing the bracelet along with the card. I don't think it served its purpose though and that made me sad.*
This has been one of the two only chats with her that has brought me down so much, the first one in October. Rest of the day I was downcast and lethargic. Some of my friends did notice my behavior but didnt say anything about it. I then had my lab quiz at 1 PM. Got checked out and finished my lab quiz. I dont know how this quiz went, I already know that one of them is not right:(. After that I just wanted to relax and get my mind offa things. So, I went searching for friends who were free to do something after 2. But there was no one, girls in voorhees were sleeping, others were studying. So, I went back to my room and borrowed the Matrix to psyche myself up for the sequel. I talked to my parents and they sent me the final editted paper. and then Mary came online and I told her to get me if she didn't find her roomie. At 5.10, she came and then we went off for dinner. We then got back to her room and downloaded Bend it like Beckham from my computer. It turned out to be quite some work to get the movie runnning ranging from updating media player and downloading codecs. 30 minutes later, we got the movie running but in the first 20 mins, it froze twice. how irritating! So, we watched Grosse Point Blanke instead, pretty funny..And then Mary had to leave for a meeting. So, I left the room with her. I went over to Dows later and got some stuff printed off there. I also saw the panicked three people who were making the DVD for the class the next day. Vonni is the most perpetually hyper person I have EVER seen. True optimist, smiles even when things are down. I headed back to the room and then chatted for a while before declaring myself too tired to keep my eyes open. So ended pretty well I think.

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