Monday, May 12, 2003

Monday: Start of the week, another 6 days to the weekend. Thats the way most of my friends look at monday. What a pessimistic view for the rest of the week, seems like alcohol and partying is the only thing on their mind. I woke up several times in between 7 and 8.45. All showered in the next 30 mins, I performed my routine of checking mails and news. Headed out for class at ten till 10, and surveyed the damage caused by yesterday's gales. One of the trees lost its biggest branch but that was it apart from the sleep it stole from students in Murray. It almost blew me away atleast. We learnt about Crystal Field theory in transition elements. Some of the concepts that we covered, I should have remembered that but it seems like I don't remember some stuff from high school chemistry. That feeling is really horrible, the feeling of it being on the tip but unable to get the entire answer.. Then came the test answers I most dreaded, physics. I saw my paper and then saw I scored a 85. I then saw inside to see my mistakes. I felt like shooting myself or atleast breaking something. I made some of the stupidest mistakes in it! I wrote the Gauss's Law instead of Ampere's Law, that was moronic and careless. And I didnt read one of the questions completely and so lost 7 points on that alone. Knew the answer but didnt write it! That brought me down a complete level and then I also had to get my calculus test back. I let my thoughts wander while sitting out in the sun with Komal talking to her about her issues in life. She really has a complex life here or atleast she makes it tough although not consciously. Another person who I can think of isnt happy here is Mary. I wish I knew her before the winter break, come to think of it I did try to talk to her only to get a brick wall. I realized that she would probably be one of the most introverted people I have met so far. I am sad that she will be leaving Coe to study in Seattle. If she does leave, I will miss her a lot. Come calculus, got a 93 and saw that I did lose points where I thought I would. But then there were two other questions, one of them I realizd was not complete but the other one was right, atleast I thought so. It require an answer to prove that something was wrong. I gave that answer by proving that it was wrong and it gave an answer other than what he had said and henceforth didnt allow for his reasoning. A convergent series cannot be divergent! Anyway, I couldn't satisfy him and decided to drop it because it wasnt worth it. Got out of class and then to Deanna. I had to discuss the upcoming stuff in the I Club. We got a email from Greg telling us that we had done a less than adequate job of cleaning the PUB. Yikes! And we have to send an apology to Sandy who runs the PUB. We also contemplated the idea of introducing new exec members, another reason for this was that since we were loosing the Lounge, we don't need a Lounge Coordinator anymore, we needed a Publicity coordinator and a Webmaster for the I Club website. I need to talk to Katie about this. Anyway, I have called for a meeting this tuesday to give them a piece of my mind over the things that had to be done and weren't done. Im slowing getting sick of this. Now: I am chatting with my parents and will be heading for dinner anytime. Also, its been a wonderful day outside, sunny and bright and relatively pleasant!

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