Thursday, May 15, 2003

Wednesday was one of the busiest days! I woke up by myself before the alarm went off. Cause: my apprehension before the chemistry test, my nemesis. But luckily this test was mostly standarized and it didnt seem that difficult.*sigh of relief* It took me just 30 mins to finish it. Doc's class went quick too, he seems to want to speed through everything and Ben and Kit really hate that statement Doc uses "I am dying to get to the next topic." I can't help but smile when I see their expression and rolling of eyes when we make eye contact. Our constant barrage of questions on lenses prevented Doc to finish his intended quota of teaching. Headed over to lunch and ate with Jeshica staying silent most of the time.
*Apparently I had come up in the talk these girls had and she was told that she was far too rude to me and she hurt me whenever she said something mean. The gist of the chat was that she was mean and abrasive to people she knew very well. And since I didn't like it, she would have to think before she spoke and that would prevent her to opening up to me. ie we cannot be good friends because she has to talk to me the way she talks to everyone else. I don't understand this because I am especially nice to people i know very well because they are such good friends. I would never want to say something abrasive that would turn them off. Abrasive behavior and meaness absolutely turns me off, the thing that goes through my brain is that if I can help it, i'd avoid this person. This is exactly how I feel about Stoyan and Abir, their first impression skills are so poor. Abir's first words to me were, " Get up, you faggot." and Stoyan is the most sore loser I have ever seen, I really pity that guy, says wrong stuff at the wrong time and never learns. freaking moron! I wonder why it is so hard for Jeshica to be nice to people she knows so well. I don't know if she has ever seen the look on Rishav's and Kevin's face when she uses an abrasive tone of speech.*
We then had the last new topic in calculus: Logistic eqns. While listening to him, I was also chatting with my parents regarding my essays. They are giving me feedback on how to improve my essays in my anthology. They have already sent me an editted copy of my clash of titans essay. After class, I had the Coe Diplomat meeting at 3.30. I then headed over to Tara to help her use Powerpoint for her presentation. But it didnt happen then because some people came in and started talking. I saw Jessi so stressed, I wish she gets through this fine..After dinner, I went to the lounge to watch some TV and then went back to my room. On the way, Rishi called me in his room and wanted me to have one glass of wine that was left over. So, I sat down there for a while drinking wine while watching some TV while in the background my mind kepy saying, "Go to the room and prep your lab book for the lab quiz!" and so after 10 mins, I got my books to Rishi's room and preped the book while I was there. Later, I got back to my room and while writing in the book, I realized that I needed the lab folder. I searched and searched but couldn't find it. Panic set in because this folder was very important.. I ran over to Anthony's room to see if he was there and he wasn't. Then I went to Mindy's room, thankfully she was there! I took some of the handouts to copy. Thank god for Mindy! She has saved my ass several times in chem lab because she is the only person I can run to for help and she gives it without a thought. Worked on the lab thing till 9.30. And then went to see the soccer game final between the Lambda Chi and I Club team. We lost! And then went back to Tara and then finally showed her how to use Powerpoint. She was bouncing like a kid when I told her all the stuff she could on it, lot of kid in her too.. Came back to my room and was too tired to do much. My eyes have been watery from too much of computer i think..I need to stay away from it for a while I think, summer maybe. Midnight and I crawl into bed into a world of dreams.zzzzzz

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