Sunday, May 18, 2003

Friday, last day of classes for this semester. After freshening up, I gave finishing touches to my essay for Paul's anthology. Then went to the chem class which was adjourned quickly since we didn't have anything to discuss in class. I moved around on first Peterson for 45 mins to kill time. and then we had the physics class, 60 full minutes to give us the taste of modern physics to entice more people to take the class, like it would actually work?!? one full class of intereference, photoelectric effect, sub atomic particles. I am really interested in the nano and sub atomic world.. After lunch, I went back to my room. I took my papers and went to the writing center. Got both mine and Des's paper reviewed for grammatical errors. Everytime I take these papers in here, they invoke atleast an hour of discussion. Writing center has a great group of students who are extremely well informed and intelligent and who are willing to participate in discussion about different topics such as college life or faith. I then left the writing center and gave the papers to Doc for comments. I went to Jon so that I could make up the quiz that I had missed when I was at Nashville. but Jon said that he didnt want me to rush the quiz and take it after the class. So, I sat through the entire review class or rather a class where students decided what they wanted in the final.. I dont know why Jon gives us so much of choice! They didn't want some of the most simple integration types on the quiz, somethings that could be useful during Calc 3. I dont understand why people are so intimidated by intellectually stimulating questions, whats the point of having an easy mundane class. I blogged for thursday during this class occasionally looking up to see if anythign important was being said like what wouldn't be on the test and so I didnot have to read up on that before the test. As usual, all of us walked over to Peterson for the weekly physics ice cream social. Yummm, the ice cream that we have there are simply toooo good. and then I and Des had a dicussion about our papers. I had to wait for about 45 mins because Doc and Mario were busy with a student's Oral exam which is required for the major. When I reached my room, I got Jessi's panicked message that her computer was going bonkers. So, I rushed there because I knew that she would start crying soon. When I reached their room, sure enough she was on the verge of tears. Her computer didnt save her work for the last three days ie all her papers and honr comp work as well! I tried fixing it but it was far too sluggish to do any diagnostics. I spent the rest of the evening with Mary. I really enjoyed the evening and I think I got to know her better and open up more. All in all, this day was as good as it could get.

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