Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday went in a blur. I studied most of the time in my room except Monday evening. I think everyone who know Japanese people well are realizing that they will be gone from their lives. Its finally beginning to set in that they might never see each other again. Among my friends, they are going to miss HIromi and Nobu the most, while I am going to miss Miho, Rieko and Aqui the most. Another person who might not be coming back is Mary, she's become a very good friend over the last 2 months and having been spending time hanging out with her.. I am goign to sorely miss that. I studied all tuesday and finally finished around 10. I went over to voorhees thinking that I would be there for 10 mins to see how they were doing. I ended up getting back at 1! I had to help Tara and Jenna study for a while, and accompany Jenna to the Sip because her friends were going to sing karoake. Bhavya hasnt come online during the weekend, but I think she is busy taking care of her mom..
Now, I am waiting to take 2 finals today, chem and calc..I hope they go good..

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