Monday, November 14, 2005

The weirdest referral to Coe ever!

Saturday began lazily with me waking up at 11.30, early enough to shower and get ready for the Indian lunch with the rest of the interns. The lunch was a lot of fun. It had been a couple of months since the last time we were there. The lunch buffet wasn't very spicy and highly americanized. However, it was still different from the food that I had been ingesting past week which was essentially ready made, quick microwave meals. One of the interns didn't like the accessories with the Indian food like the Mango Lassi or the desserts. Weird. Usually, people love that stuff. The next big thing was the geek party at Tio's. He had purchased a quarter keg. So it was a party where people just drank, played games, and painted on cardboard. I invited Cassa to the party so that she could meet more people. She is someone I met a couple of months back.

And then the weirdest referal to Coe ever. So, I'm online late in the night as usual when I get this random IM. I have no clue who it and so I ask. Mind you, I don't get random IMs ever. And then she tells me that she found my SN through my blog which she found by searching for lindy hop on Google Video Search. Then what ensues is a question and answer session about Coe, it's programs and campus life. She was interested about Coe from our swing dancing (more like swing that Andi and I did)! I think if she applied to Coe, she would be a sure in because her academic credentials are impeccable and she would fit in perfectly. I'm sure the Coe Admissions will get a kick out of seeing how she was refered to Coe. However her first choice is McGill University, which renders Coe in the dirt when it comes to school prestige. Robi got into McGill, however the visa procedures made it tiresome to be a viable option. I would love to live in Montreal though due to it's cosmopolitan nature..

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