Friday, November 18, 2005

Magaritas and Prime..

Most American males are relatively proficient in using tools and making things. It's a part of their life here as many have been involved in some activity at home involving construction. The most I've ever done at home in India was use a hammer and a drill at most. We have people in India who earn their livelihood by working at homes of people fixing things that people here just fix themselves. We also have a person who washes our clothes and irons them, a guy who comes and collects recyclable materials, vendors who walk around selling their wares, vegetable vendors who roam the neighbourhood selling veggies on a four wheeled cart, a carpenter who not only makes furniture but also fixes broken furniture, painters for painting homes, electricians who fix wiring and install gadgets. This isn't luxury, it's the way a lot of our economy works. We are dependent on each other. They wouldn't want us to stop using their skills because that's all they have.

Anyway, the place I was going with the proficiency in using tools is now that I have to use tools and actually build user equipments and install the components of various instruments, its sort of new and refreshing. My mentor just told me that I have to drill holes so that he can install a plug. See, I have never done that before, especially around something that cost so much. It should be exciting nevertheless!

Last evening was one of the best this semester so far. After Rachel got done with her GRE, she accompanied us to a Mexican restaraunt for the happy hour and $2 magaritas. One of Jenn's postdoc friends joined us too. I found out that he was Bengali and we talked in our native tongue for a bit. It was wonderful. Anyway, after two strong glasses of magaritas, I was pretty tipsy. I really haven't had any alcohol while I've been here. Neither have most of my friends here. We are having fun with an alternate manner of spending weekends, just hanging out sans the intoxicating fluid. Anyway, after that Jenn and I went to Prime. We were the only two people in that theatre. It was crazy. Anyway, she fell asleep during the movie because she was very tired. It was okay because the movie wasn't exceptional. I know I'll love Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when I get to watch it this weekend. After we walked the chilling cold, we just hung out at her apartment. Jenn's a very strong girl. She is really of a rare breed, so motivated, so driven. It's refreshing for me to see someone with such definite goals and ambitions. Both of us have a long road ahead of us. How amazing would it be if Jenn, Rach and I go to the same school? I can dream, can't I ;)?

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