Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last evening was kinda weird. First, Callie and David were supposed to watch a movie here which didn't happen because David wanted to get home before the weather got really bad. And then Cassa came by with a friend who left right away because he was worried about his car. And then Cassa left to run errands. She said that she would be back but never came back. She called to tell me that she might come over later in the night but that didn't happen either. And then, the good part of the evening was the late night run to Applebee's with Jenn. I had a Brewtus Sam Adams which was a huge glass of beer. I think I was mildly tipsy after that but not as much as I thought I would be.

After getting up late, and therefore getting to work late, I didn't have much to do during the day. I just had to etch and anneal the substrates from last day's work which took all but an hour. So, I spent most of the time in my cubicle looking up more graduate school stuff. I called Doc to tell him my GRE score and he said that he was happy with the score. He thinks I have a good shot at the top schools I'm applying to. I scored higher on the GRE than the last indian to go to Stanford, and he was enrolled in the same program I am aiming for. Another thing is that Penn State's grad app is being dumb. It doesn't want to send my account details to me. I need to find out if I can solve this issue or I might have to go the old fashioned paper route.

Anyhow, today's swing dancing was sort of fun. I keep getting the feeling that I have stagnated. I need to learn more moves.

Now, I am tired. And have a mild migraine. Bed time. Bonne nuit.

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