Saturday, November 12, 2005

GRE is done!

It's been a great last couple of days. Everything went well apart from the tension relating to the GRE test that I took last afternoon. For a great start to Thursday, we got our second Inorganic test back which I didn't really want to see because I thought I wasn't confident about my answers. I get my paranoia was misplaced because I did got a really good score. And then, when I got to work, I found out that I didn't have to cut and anneal substrates. I was positively ebullient because the whole process is tedious. So, I spent that afternoon taking the last practice test. That meant that I had the rest of the evening free to just relax. But, was I really able to relax? No! I was still tense as hell. Oh well, good intentions. The funniest part of Thursday evening was my conversation with Goms. So, I talked to her for a couple of hours all the while one of her friends was waiting for her. So, after I get talking to her, I get a message from her friend asking if he could have her back now. That was the single comment that made me roll on the floor. Apart from that, she dropped one of her gen. ed classes and registered for Hindu Gods with me. It should be fun talking that class.

I woke up on Friday late enough to be well rested. I wasted the rest of the morning while feeling anxious about the GRE like last night. I decided to go to the test center early because Jenn said that she was able to start her test whenever she got there. It took me about 3 hours to finish the test. I was so anxious that my hands were shaking. The writing section turned out to be pretty comfortable as I finished both my essays on time and that relaxed me. I don't know what scores I'll get on the essays.. I felt like I was making too many mistakes in both verbal and the quantitative. However, once I got my scores, I realized I did fine. There were some words in verbal that I couldn't understand without its context. All my friends were excited to hear that I did so well. I guess I don't have to retake the GRE ;). All that's left now is the rest of the application process.

James and I saw Zathura after the test and the movie was kinda dumb. Its a remake of Jumanji with a twist! Its in space! We then ate with Jenn and Khush at the Veitnamese restaraunt. We decided to hang out at Panera's for a bit and I got som e of my favorite Colombian decaf for a buck fifty. It was fun just hanging out and talking. Jenn and I had to leave because we had planned to go to a blues bar and dance a bit. It was extremely out of the way but the cabin was very cool. The bar was very crowded and garners a good clientele. The music was wonderful and Jenn and I got to dance a little bit on the tiny floor space. It was awesome! There was an artist who was sitting in one of the booth drawing portraits of the crowd. He drew us and that was sort of cool. Apparently, a couple of people from our swing class thought we were married! How the hell did they get that idea? Last night's late night Taco Bell run was weird. We were in line for so long. I can't believe how alive the UT campus that late in the night.

PS: I love going to bars. I just hate the smoke!

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