Tuesday, November 29, 2005

about good ol' Oak Ridge High and Coe's Flunk Day

I found a blog post called Censorship at rebunting. She does an in depth discussion about the article on censorship in a high school newspaper. Oak Ridge is famous for Oak Ridge National Lab where I am working this semester. It is supposed to have the greatest collection of genius scientific minds in this region.

I remember censorship came into play in Coe College's Flunk Day newspaper in fear of reprisals and lawsuits by parents. This isn't really free speech.

FYI: Coe's official description of Flunk Day is
Flunk Day: A Coe tradition begun in 1911. Classes are canceled for a day in the spring so the student body can enjoy an all-school picnic, outdoor activities and fun.
In reality, it's a day of drunken revelry for the drinking population of Coe ;).

I love Flunk Day!!

Here are a few pictures of Flunk Day at Coe:

That's my best friend, Britta. The backdrop is the Flunk Day Committee (2004-2005) on a bus.

The scene of Flunk Day 2003. My very first Flunk Day!

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