Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sitting in the chem lab typing..

It's been a long day so far. I have to cut and clean the substrates which is a major chore because it is monotonous and boring as hell. I have spent about 5 hours so far doing this, and I suspect there is another hour to this labor. Right now, after manually washing 23 substrates in acetone, I put them into an ultrasonic cleaner in a beaker containing acetone for 15 minutes. So, I have a little time to blog.

So, we got back from work last evening, and worked on our homework for 4 hours at Panera. I love the fact that I can drink unlimited amount of coffee for a buck fifty. This assignment took longer because we had to read the text to figure out how to solve these questions. I can normally just remember lectures and proceed with the homework. However, I feel that the topics/lecture is rather discontinuous, so it throws me off. It does get frustrating at times when I know that a solution is simple but I am unable to get a handle on the trick.

I've been chatting with Arielle from Florida. Remember the random IM? I think this is probably the first time that I've had a higher level of conversation so quickly with a person I hardly know. I bet I can carry off an intellectual conversation. I remember explaining the research I've done at Coe and ORNL thus far. We spent most of the time looking up swing stuff including videos. I found quite a few recordings from Norway? I'm not sure which country, but it's in Northern Europe. I'll find out and correct it if I have to. I miss swing dancing at Coe. I also look at hairy/scary moves, and think of Andi and all the fun we had picking up dance routines from swing videos.

My friends keep asking if I am keeping in touch from Andi or if I have heard from her. I get to chat with her once a week on average. I guess I want to keep in touch a little more than that. We'll see. For people who want to know, yeah, I miss her. But that's normal.

It's annoying that I haven't been able to find Sunday's episode of Grey's Anatomy on torrents. They always have it up by the next day. I don't know what happened. I also have to download shows from last night.

I really wish Jenn and I could have gone swing dancing last night. That would have been a ton of fun. Especially the free pizza! We have to go up for the social dance scene at Preservation Pub one of the remaining Mondays.

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