Thursday, November 10, 2005

blogging at the Pi time of the day

Yesterday afternoon was a frustrating period of work because every time I would try to grow a sample, one of the gears used during rotation kept falling off, and then finally it blew up in my mentor's face as he was trying to fix it. I guess that caused a mini vacation because that motor wouldn't be coming in till Friday and I wouldn't be in Friday due to GRE. I spent most of yesterday learning and relearning the 333 high frequency words listed in Barron's guide to the GRE. I'd say that I know all but 10% of the words. I'd say that its good enough? Anyway, I just took my second practice test of the GRE CD and scored a 650 on verbal and 770 in quantatative. That is about 90 points higher than the first test. It seems like I get a consistent score around 1300-1400 with my verbal score vacillating. I guess I just wait and see how I do on the actual test which happens to be tomorrow afternoon. And then I am allowing my brain a hiatus for the weekend before I start on the rest of the application process.

I finally got laundry done! I also used that time to call people and talk to them. Becky said that she would have time to meet up next weekend. We'll see if that comes to fruition. I also talked to Sara who is pursuing a graduate degree in engineering at Colorado University with her fiance Marty. She talk to me about graduate school and her application process and all that good stuff. Eventually, by the time I got to bed, Komal and I had a nice talk. We did a lot of reminscing the good ol' days.

Anyway, with me relaxing the rest of the day, I have to find something to amuse or entertain myself with.

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Andi said...

Good luck on the GRE! Let me know how you do!