Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend filled with dancing!

Since dancing is such a great stress buster, a lot of my stress was relieved through the art of moving to a beat ;).

To begin with, I finally have a standing admission cum monetary offer from Vanderbilt University for spring 2007. They are one of the prestigious schools in the US with an acceptance rate of 11%. I will be offered a TA position for the first semester I'm there and then get upgraded to RA. I am very happy with this offer because I get to be home for a little while longer and also go to India for a longer period of time to see family and friends.

Now onto the weekend. Friday, after watching 40 year old virgin with Britta, we head over the party at Charlie's just to check it out. I ended up staying there for the whole thing, and grooved to the house music that was playing. After that, I ended up going to Murray and hanging out there till 3 am! Doing the Polka with Kelly on 7th Murray around the walkway through the restroom was awesome!?

And finally, the limelight of the weekend. The Presidential Ball 2006. A group of Rugcutters went out to eat prior to the dance at Bennigans, and then head to the dance to find hardly anyone there. So, Kiki and I kicked off the floor and that induced more couples to get on and dance. It was slow starting and I used that time to take a lot of pictures with friends before I got sweaty and gross. I intended to dance with most of my friends and I am happy to say that I accomplished it. The best dances with people not in the dance group were with Angela M, Jessi, Beth and Komal. I had a ton of fun with Angela and Beth because they were natural follows. You have no idea how refreshing that is.

Here are pictures from the Coe College Presidential Ball in the years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

IMG_2680IMG_1170Whats that across the chest 2!Joy with some American beauties! @ Pres Ball 2003

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Fashion Cover Girl said...

Dude, you got all the chics!

indoloony said...

yup, in this case I do. I'm a dance-whore as my friend says..

Dan Kauffman said...

Wow sounds like things are popping for you, Con grats Vanderbilt IS a first class institution!

Bennigan's is too this Saturday I met an Internet friend for the first time who happened to be in CR.

A blogger called InMuscatine the very first website to ever link to me.

I told him I had created a monster. ;-)

I now have over 200 websites with over 800 links to me and out of the 33 some Million blogs on the internet I am rated about at the 7K level.

So it was very nice to finally meet link #1

I wish you the best at Vanderbilt and hope you have a nice visit home.

The nice thing about the WWW is we can still keep in touch from time to time here.

shirley said...

Sounds like your weekend was a blast :) Are you in a ballroom dancing club or something?

indoloony said...

thanks dan! if i finally end up going to vandy, i'm sure i'll be happy there.

i wonder if we were at bennigan's at the same time on saturday or not. we were there from 7 to 8 pm out on the "patio".

you are quite an online identity ;)


indoloony said...


it was a blast!? i'm actually in a swing dance club at school and we went as a group. however, i decided to make sure that i danced with other friends too ;)

Jimbo Big Toe said...

Congrat on Vanderbilt. Looks like fun with some hot ladies.

indoloony said...

jimbo. thanks. and it was a lot of fun, you have no idea ;)

Leon said...

Cum wha? Glad you had fun.

Mary said...

Congrats Joy!
Sorry about the very delayed reply.. I looked at your blog a few days ago when you actually posted this and just didn't respond till now.

Looks like prez ball was a blast.

indoloony said...

thanks mary! pres ball was superb. maybe one of the best ever!?!