Monday, April 10, 2006

my good deed for the day?

So, I think I added one more person to Iowa's sex offender registry. I was minding my own business looking at VR videos of PSU's, University Park campus, and then something in my peripheral vision caught my attention. It was then I saw an older guy sitting there watching porn on a public computer that didn't require a sign in. While walking over to Goms, I glanced at what he was seeing, and found him scrolling through paedophilic porn. I was digusted, and approached the student librarian to see if there was any protocol for this, and I ended up calling security. They got there really quick, and got the guy out. The security guard saw the pictures before the old guy switched windows in haste when he realized that he was busted. I had no idea that Security would get CRPD involved. They (CRPD and security) asked me what I had seen and took down my details. I sure hope I don't have anything else to do with this.

Coe needs to secure all its computers because people have unrestricted access on those computers and is used from everything from chatting to downloading things. The community who needs to use those computers must be required to register, and only then given access..

On the brighter side of life, I got my cheat sheet for statistical thermodynamics test done, and went to Jenna's piano recital. And oh, I also heard from Dr. Carlo Pantano from PSU telling me about some of his future projects that could possibly pique my interest. I actually like his nanodiameter fibreglass project because it involves nanomaterials and glass..

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Rebekah said...

(via BlogMad)

What a kickass post!!
I'm going to read more now, to see if you're also a member of

indoloony said...

I am not a member of, but i support the cause. thanks for stopping by and come again ;)

Dan Kauffman said...

Some people claim child pornography laws infringe on First Amendment Rights'

I disagree it is not a First Amendment issue
but rather those who support this filth are acting as accesories after the fact to Felony Child Abuse!

Good for you Buzz I am proud we are virtual acquantances.

indoloony said...

there shouldn't be a law or a loophole letting child pornographers get away with anything..

Dan Kauffman said...

There isn't the issue has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom of expression and has all to do with committing a crime on children and those who aid and abet such crimes.

Marie said...

thanks for turning him in.

indoloony said...

i had to. he needs to be reprimanded.