Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Take the Lead" indeed..

I was wondering what I would do this Friday evening because I had no plans and nothing was happening on campus. As I was attempting to find people to eat with, Kiks called and asked me to hang out with her at her apartment. I saw her Honda Civic 2006 and was awed by the coolness factor. That's the car that I intend to buy in graduate school if I can afford it.

We grilled, chilled and danced. She showed me a few videos that she took at the Iowa City swing workshop. Out of the ones that we watched, the trip move with partner's legs wrapping out mine was the coolest. So, we tried it and I finally got it after several tries. I found my mistake. I wasn't tripping the girl hard enough for her legs to get off the ground. I'll have to put a clip up sometime when I try that with a partner next. And oh, this move needs the dancers to be very close to each other, as in full frontal contact. Thereby marking this move as very intimate and not to be done with everyone..

After a Dairy Queen double fudge cookie dough, we head out to watch Take The Lead (Official, IMDB) starring Antonio Banderas, and a set of great young dancers. I enjoyed the dance sequences and loved the music. So, I got the soundtrack. Now, I wish I had better speakers to underline the bass in most of the hip hop music. I have noticed that the new fad in movies revolving around youth and creative arts is fusion. Fusion of the new and the old. This movie obviously mixed jazz and hip hop. We have always known that we can dance jazz forms to hip hop too. The style is more sensous and erotic. It's amazing! I've danced to hip hop music and love the innovations that can be brought to the form. The friction, the spins, the rhytmic gyrations .

And while we are on the topic of dancing, I created a new YouTube group dedicated to swing dancing and all its forms.. A lot of swing dance videos have been added. So, go check them out !

There are a few nightmares that are really bad and make you sweat and palpatate. Well, I had one of those right before I woke up Friday morning. I had just given a test on Thursday on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. My dream was that I had gotten a D. I was really scared and depressed in the dream and then I snapped out of the dream. Thank God!

I need to remind myself not to wear jeans during the day before it's getting really hot and I get awful sweaty. Yuck!

Thursday night, it rained and hailed. There was a tornado warning but I didn't see a tornado again! I really want to see one before I leave. Kiki told that several car dealers in Iowa City were hit by the tornado and had serious damage to the cars..

To finish the post, I've been getting a ton of hits from google using the search query of "Flunk Day". It has become a public spectacle now. Someone really stupid released this private intra-college matter to the press . It got featured in the Gazette.

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MrScribbler said...

Hah! So this is where you hide out!

Good to see you here, my friend!

indoloony said...

hehe. yeah, this is my original haunt..

andi said...

the clips are really cool... i am in finland now using kristy's internet so i can actually watch them!