Sunday, April 23, 2006


Grief. It's an incredibly intense emotion capable of rendering even the most powerful person helpless. It works by capturing all our attention and concentrating into one point. Like a black hole with infinite gravity. It takes a lot of will power and time to heal and move past it.

Now, all my grandparents are looking at me from up above. My maternal grandmother was the last to pass on. She lived a great 81 years survived by 4 children and a massive extended family. My parents are flying to New Delhi for her last rites this week. Mum won't be able to attend my graduation. I understand because her mom's funeral is more important, and this is not my last graduation. I will graduate at least once more. I mean graduate school.

I also realized that I don't know how to handle grief or sorrow. I feel strangely disconnected. I guess it still has to sink in that I will never see her again.

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Mary said...

it took me a long time to learn how to deal with my grief of loosing someone i loved- truthfully i'm still learning new ways of dealing with it.

wish i was there to give you a hug.