Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bulleted thoughts

  • Missed Flunk day. Yeah! The day that I was looking forward to all year. I told everyone I knew about it. And. I friggin' miss it. I knew if I thought about it, I wouldn't be very happy. So, I suppressed all thoughts about Flunk Day while and after the PSU visit. I missed hanging out with friends, drinking endless amounts of beer, and taking ton of pictures. Flunk day would have been a great day for photography

  • Swing at PSU sucked. This is one of my foremost passions. The swing lessons and social dance I went to was painful. It was so painful that I left part way. I hope it gets better when I start PSU. Let me tell you, I was sorely disappointed to sum this experience up.

  • I'm in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. I guess I was nominated and selected. This is an annual award given to outstanding campus leaders for their scholastic ability, participation and leadership in academic and extra curricular activities and community service (link).

  • Got PSU's official offer today. I have been given a Research Assistantship, with a bi-semester stipend and a summer stipend totalling around $18,700.

  • Taking the oral Modern Physics test next Monday. I have to memorize a lot of equations, and understand the concepts to pass this trial of fire! Well, here's to hoping for the best..

  • Browsing PhD Comics and getting addicted. I must have spent a few hours going through and saving my favorites. After I'm done saving all the ones I want, I'll put them up on Flickr.

  • Had a bad dream about rejection. Again. I wish there was a better way for me to stop feeling this way. Well, apart from time anyway. I suppose this sort of dreams are getting sporadic and that is progress. There has been a lot of rejection in life so far. Grad schools, certain people, scholarships.

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