Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So, the Flunk Day shirt is raunchy!

This is a letter that was sent today to all students at Coe College pertaining to the Flunk Day shirt. It's a lot of feminist talk with subtle Christian overtones. Personally, I feel like this objectifies women as much as Playboy, and fashion magazines. It also stereotypes men as horn dogs, perverted and crude. However, we (men) know that it is not serious, and hence we aren't complaining about the shirt even though we have as much reason to as women. Do you really think we want to have that kind of an image? The reason why I am okay with the shirt even though it is raunchy and sexist because it was made in conjuction with all the female members of the Flunk Day Committee (FDC). Furthermore, the Student Body President who authorized the shirt is female. While we are on the subject of objectifying things that parents hate. Flunk Day is the epitome of that. It's a day the college condone while providing a safe zone for students to drink. Contrary to popular belief, Coe College doesn't buy the multitude of beer kegs, we do. Coe students donate money and FDC sells t-shirts (below), and that buys the beer. It's the biggest party that Coe has every year. Maybe the biggest party in Iowa! It is also insured by Coe by more than a million dollars in case of mishaps like accidental injury, alcohol poisoning, and people being generally stupid and drunk.

Coe College is wet and liberal. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that! I can't imagine how spicy the Flunk Day paper is going to be, if shirt is any kind of foreshadowing.. Can't wait for it to happen. My last Flunk Day. Yahoo-ooo!!

Disclaimer: I am against women being mistreated or abused in any way. This is however, a day in jest, and I take everything that happens during Flunk Day in jest including the Flunk Day paper.

Excerpt from an earlier entry:
I remember censorship came into play in Coe College's Flunk Day newspaper in fear of reprisals and lawsuits by parents. This isn't really free speech.

FYI: Coe's official description of Flunk Day is
Flunk Day: A Coe tradition begun in 1911. Classes are canceled for a day in the spring so the student body can enjoy an all-school picnic, outdoor activities and fun.
In reality, it's a day of drunken revelry for the drinking population of Coe ;).

My pictures from the Flunk Day the last three years at Coe are in this flickr album.
Here are some of the responses from Coe College students.
This is an article about Luther College's thoughts on adopting "Flunk Day" akin that of Coe. Coe is featured in the article.



Dan Kauffman said...

Some people have a very hard time when they run dead tilt into

Freedom of Expression, particularly those who think there is some bogus Right to

Freedom from Being Offended. ;-)

Nope it does not exist, don't like it move to some repressive regime where they DO control expression fully.

Buzz you are still in CR?

If so when do you graduate and move on?

indoloony said...

Freedom of expression is weird because we don't know where to make the buck stop. What about the Freedom of expression to repress? Stupid..

Yeah, I'm still in CR. I graduate may 7. I'm moving sometime mid may to where ever i decide to go to grad school..

Dan Kauffman said...

Words alone cannot repress deeds do.

That is why repressive speech codes are a violation of intrinsic Liberty.

Now crying Fire in a crowded theater is a different matter, offending someone's sensibilities is something else.

Supression of Free Speech even that which disgusts only drives it underground.

Venal philosophies such as Neo-Nazism IMO are best handled on the battlefield of ideas by words rather than oppressive laws as they have in Europe.

It's been nice off and on dropping by here, might I offer you a steak at Bennigan's as a graduation present some Saturday before you head out?

Dan Kauffman said...

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The most mortal danger to Liberty that any Society can evolve is the institution of Thought Police.

indoloony said...

free speech is possinly the greatest freedom. governments can rise and fall by the wishes of the public how much ever it is repressed..

freedom of speech comes with certain guidelines and etiquette. at least it should.

i would be great to meet you in person! we could meet on a saturday before i leave for sure.

Dan Kauffman said...

Pick a Saturday, and a time, this next coming one is OK I am from Kentucky and won't be going home for the holiday.

indoloony said...

This saturday works well with me. Say 5.30-6 pm? One problem though. I don't have a car. Would it be possitble for you to pick me up at Coe? If not, I can secure a ride up there..

Dan Kauffman said...

I believe there is an interesting coffee shop accross COE on 1st Ave?

Brewed Awakenings?

1271 1st Ave. SE,

that will be a good place to meet.

CYA between 5:30 and 6:00 PM I look forward to finding out the direction \Physics has been taking since I took it 30 years ago at UK ;-)

indoloony said...

Brewed Awakenings sounds great! see ya then..

Mary said...

Wow. I'm amazed. My jaw litterally dropped when I read that shirt. :P

On the one hand, I think the free speech thing is huge. But what supporting a shirt like that says about the college... that's crazy to think about.

I guess I'm actually glad I won't be on campus to see which people end up wearing it. ;)

indoloony said...

sunny, i agree the shirt is spicy. but look at it from an anti-establishment event like Flunk Day. I think within the confines of such a day, it's not that bad.. And I don't think Coe has an official stance on the shirt, apart from some of the deans and the President signing them..

shirley said...

Oh gosh - it's a joke shirt! It just makes you wonder how people could better spend their time. (but then again, I blog all the time, so what can I say?)

indoloony said...

shirley, i agree with you. some people can take offense from anything. that's why they are disliked because they are goody-two-shoes..