Sunday, April 09, 2006

Maybe I need to be more patient..

Things are coming into place. Schools are being to get back to me. PSU (MSE) is scheduling me for a visit in 10 days, and then I guess they'll tell me if they are giving me an offer. UMD (MSE) is yet to get back to me about money. So, here is the root to my grad school woes. A mediocre recommendation. That got me so riled up. That's about what I'm going to write about that.

Couple of nights back, I spent a few hours diagnosing and fixing yet another compatibility issue with Mozilla Firefox and one of the extensions. This time, the culprit was "Amazing Media Browser" which worked fine till the update I performed earlier in the week. I found the problem as firefox was not rendering Flash. I think I might walk through the process if any one cares. So, when I found the problem, my first impulse was to check extensions, especially the ones I had installed recently. But none of that worked. Then, I restarted the computer thinking it might just be that simple. Still no luck. So, I attempted to reinstall firefox which didn't really work either. And then, I went through the list of extensions to find possible culprits. I decided to take a chance by disabling Amazing Media Browser, and that worked. I think the latest update screwed up something. Anyway, after two hours of poking and prodding, I found the root to the problem and hence the solution.

I went out with a bunch of friends to watch Failure to Launch and She's the man. I drove up there with Jessi and caught up on the week. We also had some fantastic home made tacos from a small bar/restaraunt in Makoqueta, IA. Apart from getting really cold and taking a bunch of pictures while attempting long exposures, the movies were okay. I liked She's the Man better, and that was the general consensus with the girls in the other cars too.

Lazy saturdays are great. I woke up really late because I got to sleep around 3 am. The evening was excellent! After dinner, Komal and I went on a walk and talked. We went around the lake close to Coe. I wish it didn't stink so much due to all the pollution. And then ended the night on a high note going to the Top of the Five with Angela M. I invited her to go with me because she was a ton of fun to dance with at Presidential Ball this year. I really like talking to her because we can relate on several levels like academics, politics, and world view in general. So, I got great dancing, and excellent conversation. Now, that's a fantastic way to spend a Saturday in company of a beautiful intelligent girl who likes dancing. hehe..

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