Friday, April 28, 2006

performance under pressure?

I passed my Physics oral. So, I am officially allowed to graduate with a physics major. We do have stringent standards for graduating physics majors at Coe College. A written comprehensive on General Physics and oral comprehensive on Modern Physics just so we don't embarrass ourselves and our school when we go to graduate school..

UPenn sent me the most trite rejection letter ever. I just laughed and so did my friends when I showed them the letter.

My dad and brother are coming to my graduation. Dad's flying from India, and I bought him an incredibly expensive ticket from Chicago to Cedar Rapids because all the low priced tickets were gone. Now, since dad is not coming in till Friday, I have to change the reservation. Guess how much extra money is needed? $100 for penalties, and $100 ticket price increase. $200 friggin' on top of $450. Argghhh! Hopefully Dad can change his reservation in India..

Hear my previous podcast for the rest of the stuff that's going on in my life..

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