Monday, March 27, 2006

What a sinusoidal weekend!

Started with the low of panicking about graduate school. I can't believe how stressful this entire experience has been. I wouldn't have ever expected to be rejected by so many schools. I only have 3 more to go. I am calling them Monday morning to get an update because otherwise I have to start applying to other schools. So, sitting by myself in my room, I hit bottom in several weeks. And then quickly recovered, and went out to eat with Jessi to Kaji Japanese Grill for dinner. We had some good sushi and teriyaki chicken, and also realized too late that their dinner portions were too big for us to finish.. After that, we got back and watched the last three episodes of Related. To end the night, I went to the Coe College Annual Drag Show 2006. One of their main aims is to fund a "Gay? Fine by Me" campaign that started in Duke University. I am surprised no one has posted pictures from the drag show on Facebook. Maybe, I don't have friends in that group.. Wait, there were a ton of people taking pictures..

Anyway, then came Saturday. Jenn called at 8.30 am!?! That was a half an hour conversation that I don't remember completely. I talked to my parents as they were trying to reassure me about grad school, and applying to more schools. Nothing out of the ordinary happened till 6.30 pm when the weekend dancing began. I met Amber, one of Tara's friends, who happened to know how to swing dance exceptionally well. I got to dance with almost everyone and some of them were mighty fun. Cornell College hosted a jazz band called Phat Noise, and there were so many people there. It was crazy! The music beat was incredibly fast and the songs were long. I was wiped out after every dance.. And then, we head to the Top of the Five where we met more of Tara's friends including Heather. Once there, the pace of dancing mellowed with slower dances. I really enjoyed dancing with all of them, and loved teaching a few things to Heather.. After a late night stop at Perkins, I crashed..

And Sunday has been very unmemorable so far. My room is very warm, and I have been training Riya to recognize faces in my pictures. It's doing a decent job so far.

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Jimbo Big Toe said...

Good luck, it is kind of late to be applying to grad school if you want to start in the fall? Hopefully you get in to one of your schools.

indoloony said...

I sure hope so. I realize that it is late to apply to the good ones, but at this point, I just need to get in one. I am prepared to pay for a year and then hope to get research opportunities with one of the professors..