Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How math fails sometimes..

IF knowledge is power, AND money is power, THEN why is knowledge NOT money?

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Leon said...

If only it were.

indoloony said...

yeah, then i'd be rich ;).

quotidian said...

awesome! i'd be a millionaire! ;)

came in through blogmad!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Joy
Just popped in for a read , you have been busy , I have to catch up hope all is well where you are , take care of yourself I think Mona Lisa looks good like that !!!!!

shirley said...

Hmm - well if knowledge = power and money = power, knowledge & money can still be mutually exclusive.

Here's a question for you: given the choice of money, power, or knowledge, which one would you choose?

indoloony said...

i chose knowledge.