Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Darn! Spring break has passed!

Have you noticed that almost every college student's blog says that they have no motivation to study after the break? Well, I know I'm there. I am trying to restart my engines and get rolling again. It'll come. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

Spring break fever lingers..

I leave you with the winner of the Science/Natural History division of the Picture of the Year Interntional Award.

Chris Pietsch The Register-Guard
"Alight!" A gray jay swoops in for a landing amid the fir trees on the snow-covered shores of Odell Lake as the sun rises over the Oregon Cascades. Gray jays are able to survive winter at higher elevations because of their unique habit of caching food in undersides of tree branches using a sticky mucous secreted from the side of their beak.

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Karen Rani said...

That is an amazing picture!