Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow outside my dorm

Snow outside my dorm, originally uploaded by indoloony.

It's snowing in the third week of friggin' March! Weather here is so weird. I know there is a major snowstorm elsewhere in the midwest too. Totally wacky!

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Clarity25 said...

Yeah, We had snow in March too here in Germany. It feel so weird during this time of year. I like that photo

Thanks so much for your kind comment over at my site!

Johnny Jazz said...

Joy, weather in the UK is weird. AT least four weeks late with the spring flowers. A lot cooler than I can remember in my 40 odd years on the planet. It does however, make for good photo ops of bald trees. Where are the buds?

ps Thanks for your kind words on my blog, it was purely accidental.

indoloony said...

clarity, I have a friend in Germany now and she hates the cold weather even though she is from chicago. i can deal with the weather better than her and I am from a tropical country. I find that sort of amusing..

johnny, seems like weather has been weird everywhere!

to the both of you, i like your blogs!