Sunday, March 19, 2006

coComment: About time for me to talk about it

So, I've been using this amazing beta for a little while now. It archives all my comments into a centralized page. It has caught on like wildfire in the blogosphere with super bloggers like Scoble and AtariBoy using it.

Here are my comments:

I'm in the Top 10 for most comments!!

Here are more resources about coComment:

This is one of the new web 2.0 start ups that I use all the time. If you do use coComment, definitely look into the greasemonkey script by John Sundstrom to automate calling the coComment bookmarklet.

Tags: Internet

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Dewayne Mikkelson said...

Congratulations on making it into the Top Ten on coComment!

I like what you are blogging about and you have been included on my blogroll in the Newfor2006 category!

indoloony said...

Thanks Dewayne! I am returning the favor by blogrolling you. Cheers!