Sunday, March 19, 2006

Speaking of further stupidity

I read a blog of a female high school student talking about drinking, smoking and doing drugs. How stupid can you be to post something like that on the web for eternal posterity furthered by Google. Now, a copy of the entry is going to be around forever. So, if her prospective employer or even her employer read that, how do you think it would affect her job.

Update: New York Daily News - What a tangled Web we weave: Being Googled can jeopardize your job search (Via /.)

Here are a few quotes from her blog:

Pre -
im going to a mt. cabin with three friends after school tomorrow, for the weekend.

its gunna be lots of fun. lots of drunk, lots of stones, lots of drugs.

but little sleep.

green jello shots, im excited about that idea. i just cant seam to help myself.

i still havnt packed. i need to. im bad at this game.

i really do like pills. i just cant seam to help it. theres nothing i can do. so i bought some, toDAY. what? no, did.. is that.... no.... i.. no.. asp... no.. asperin. right. yeah. i bought asprin toNIGHT.

Post -
this weekend was fucking great. it was so calm and chill. i didnt have to think about going to work, or how i would get home. just me and three friends in a small wonderful cabin.

we didnt even get too fucked up. we got drunk on fri. form the jello, did salvia on sat. and smoked later that sat.(only to have me sleep for like three hours) and later at night i had a 'night cap'.

but i got destressed.
and when i got back today i smoked.

i didnt even go through a full pack of cig.s in the mt.s. which is amazing for me. i normally smoke at least half a pack a day. but i didnt, heheh.

not im sleepy from the pot.

I don't want to mention the url of the blog just for that modicum of privacy but I am talking about people not realizing about the consequences of posting private, and illegal experiences online.

Here is a post I found on Collegev2 about this issue on facebook. He posted a picture of a girl doing drugs and then putting it up on the photo section for the world to see.

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Dewayne Mikkelson said...

Great post but I wonder if this could be put down to youthful sillyness as long as the blogger is still in high school or college even. I wonder if the values will change in the future kind of like what happened in Politics when Drug use was not accepted for a long time and then the public finally was able to accept that Politicians were people too.

indoloony said...

I guess it's not just politics. Even in employment opportunities in the business and science world, or perhaps education, there are thorough background checks. This kind of information will get caught in their net. That does effectively reduce their willingness to take on that person.

If values do end up changing, or if she ends up changing for the better, then she'll be okay.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Makes you long for the days of written diaries.

Jimbo Big Toe said...

By this logic maybe googling you interviewers wouldn't be too bad an idea either. Maybe even some leverage during the interview. ;)

shirley said...

Hee, hee - omg! This girl doesn't sound like she'll even get an interview in the near future. Sorry - I meant to say, "It seams that she's nut gunna go vury far in life."

Chana said...

Hi. It was very nice of you not to mention the blog's name or URL. No point in aiding her demise.
So you are a James Blunt fan eh? Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. See ya around.

indoloony said...

Jenn: yeah, does make you wish for good ol' paper and pen because millions of people don't have access to it. Never put deep dark secrets online!

Jimbo: googling your interviewers and company is critical in any interview but it's not the same as the company googling you. they don't lose, we do.

Shirley: Sadly, I feel the same way unless she has a reality check soon

Chana: Yeah, I decided to give her some privacy. And I like James Blunt, great new find for me.