Thursday, March 02, 2006

Speaking of cell phones..

I've been taught to look at reason behind cell phones not allowed on aircrafts as an urban myth. Apparently this study found that all electronic items could "possibly" hamper or interfere with aircraft equipment. Okay, here is what I don't get. Why would aircrafts and navigational systems be built so poorly? If that was the case, I am concerned about flying if such a simple thing can cause such havoc. So, technically speaking, anyone can point electromagnetic radiation at a plane, and screw up their navigation systems. It is incredibly scary.

The best part is that while perusing /. I found a pertinent article relating to this problem. A possible solution: nano-paint that can block cellphone reception (essentially radio signals) on command. They do that by inserting copper nanoparticles into carbon nanotubes. FInally our movie theatres, schools, and other indoor public places will be free of annoyances. Although, I can forsee some problems such as people who need to interrupted for emergencies such as doctors. But that would work well in airplanes. That way the flight attendants don't have to pester travellers to shut their phones off. They can flip a switch and cut off their reception.

Honestly, the planes need better electromagnetic shielding. Work on that. You spend billions of dollars in R&D and you can't fix this issue?

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