Saturday, May 28, 2005

Today has been one of the most boring days ever. Well, maybe not ever. I can remember worse. I have done absolutely nothing. Hardly any of my friends are around. There are times when I want to be alone but there are people around and when I want to hang out, they aren't there. One of my friends says that we always want things that we can not have. I have watched a lot of tv and been downloading rare tracks online. The rare tracks and covers were the highlights of my day so far.
      I've been thinking about the possible trips abroad next year. Amar bondu ke dekte jetam kintu akun jani na, janina jodhi java ouchit. I hope I'm all fixed from next semester off campus. I need to change and I need a change. I'm hoping for the thing I have been longing for the past year. I know my friends will be happy when that happens. I know I will be happy!

[Listening to: Champagne Supernova - Matt Pond PA - Music From The O.C. Mix 4 (7:14)]

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