Saturday, May 14, 2005

i absolutely hate when people get ansy around me to leave. i get really frustrated when i see motions in people's faces and gestures that they want to leave when we are hanging out or talking. it pisses me off. usually that's the reason i get mad.

what do you do when you keep running into the same problems with someone? it doesn't seem like talking really gets anywhere. the only way i see to deal with the issues is to look past it and not solve it. i do that for a while and then eventually, the issues come out anyway and then comes bitterness. you can't imagine how incredibly frustrating it is.

and sometimes, i much rather be by myself that go for the alternatives. like, now i'm happy to be alone because i'm going swing dancing later in the night. i sure hope it's better than the last time i was there. i think if i want to get back before the dance ends, this time i will. but i'm hoping i don't get that feeling.

i wonder when jessi gets in.

[Listening to: Wrong Side - French Kicks - One Time Bells (3:28)]

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