Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm bored! I'm bored!

Finals done and nothing to do. The excitement today was my haircut! I finally lost a little more than an inch of hair. My head feels so much lighter. I can actually feel the wind over my ears. hehe.. I was going to shave but decided to do it tomorrow morning. I have done nothing all day. I have been in my room getting bored off my ass. My room needed some cleaning so I did a little bit of that. It might have been a little better if I could have hung out with some one in the afternoon. When I have time to watch TV, there is nothing on!

I can't wait till Jessi and Kristin get back on campus. I talked to both of them in the last few days. Kristin called me!! I was so happy to hear her voice. I am so excited to be living with her in the summer. She gets back sometime in the first couple of weeks of June. I really miss her and want to see her. I can more stuff with her because likes to go out and eat and watch movies. I loved hanging out with her and Mary freshman spring. I miss that time. I have never been able to go out when I want to because most of my friends since my sophomore year have been too cheap to go out. Kristin and I have to make up for missed time.

And Jessi, I'll be going out with her at some point when she gets back. She should be moving in around mid May! I remember that last time we went out to eat at the Olive Garden, I had a ton of fun. I'll be hanging out with her quite a bit too. Probably run with her too.

You can't imagine how much I want more of my friends around. Most of my friends are not going to be here for May term.

Well, I will be going to see Kit run at the home track meet soon. And then dinner. And then I don't know.

Someone please rescue me from this boredom. please.

I guess I'll be okay. I have plenty of movies to watch and I have a selection of either wine or beer. It should be okay.

[Listening to: Counting to 100 - Matt Wertz - Twentythree Places (3:57)]

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