Sunday, May 08, 2005

looks like my dream from the night came true today. I think this is the first time that has happened. It doesn't feel very good, I don't feel very happy now. I miss Britta. I miss Kristin. I miss Mary. I'm glad Komal's here for a few more days.

While swing dancing last night, my upper lip got injured accidently. That brought an instant end to my evening dancing. After waiting for the wound to stop bleeding, i had to nurse it with ice all the night. I got back and Komal put some iodine on it as an anti septic.

I hope I feel better. I hate me being surly. And I say and do weird stuff which is embarrasing. Even though this seems almost routine, hopefully it will stop soon. It's been getting old for me and for others. It just sucks!

[Listening to: Space - On Second Thought - Don't Drive Angry (4:12)]

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Jenn said...

My school is pretty popular with AUAP students (Japanese), but not so much with any other country. Those friends in the pictures are from Taiwan. There are a handful of students from there, too. I met them through a christian youth group type thing I go to.