Saturday, May 14, 2005

and something else that is a little frustrating. i don't think old friends should have problems figuring out something fun to do. i feel inadequate whenever i hear that there is nothing to do and they are in my room. it's also very obvious from their faces and gestures that they want to be somewhere else. I have never had this problem with Britta. I see her a lot(seriously!) and we still have things to talk about and I never feel like she wants to leave. Sometimes I feel that I talk to Britta more than anyone else. It also feels weird when i can't seem to find anything to talk about sometimes. I guess that means we need to move on to new and more exciting things/people. New being the keyword here.

I much rather hang out by myself than feel inadequate in entertaining people. You can't entertain someone all the time. Sometimes it's fine to relax and take a step back. It's okay to have silences. But it's not okay to space out/look around when someone is talking to you.

[Listening to: This Is Not An Exit - Saves The Day - Stay What You Are (3:58)]

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