Thursday, July 01, 2004

money pours

I did get my second cheque for Japan today and it has been deposited. So I am rich for another month before school fees cause a gigantic leak in my balance. I got Andi's message and missed call last night. She called me when I got into bed and I would have answered it if I wasn't so sleepy and tired. I figured I would call her in the morning with the details about when I was getting there. And I was right, she was hanging out with friends last night, so its a good thing I didn't call after I talked to Doll. I called early and talked to Andi's mom for quite some time and then spoke for a few minutes with Andi. Well, if I was getting there at 10 she would have picked me up but with me getting there an hour earlier, I dunno. I know her mum can definitely come and get me. Andi has a long day ahead of her, first an orthodontist appointment for her braces and then cleaning up of a house. She will be going to a friend's house in the evening, so thats the reason I don't know if she can pick me up. I found out which courses I was taking next semester so that I could order the books early. I finished up my drinks. I still have to give away food like grapes and baby carrots to anyone who wants to take them. I got a couple of messages from my parents and I replied to them. I don't know if they got them or maybe they went to bed before they got it. Anyway, I'll email them or ask them to call me.
About the paper, I have added more stuff in the paper including the references I've used. Now, the rest is really upto Greg to finish which essentially means that he has to finish his section and add it to my paper. Hopefully, this goes well because today is my last day here. I will leave my cellphone number with him in case he needs to call me. I sent the paper to Doll for a review, and that helped because she picked up some typos which I might have missed. Thanks Doll:)! Well, I will be leaving at 5.30 today which means I have to leave after the presentations and finish my last minute packing. I also will leave my room a bit clean so that I have something nice to come back to..although I will be moving into my new room pretty soon after I get back. This is the last month of fun, so I am going to squeese it for all its worth till there is no drop left. I am so glad to leave to Japan away from all the craziness and stress. Although, it will probably will be a different type of stress which includes travelling in a non-english speaking country where most of the population can not speak english.. Still I can't wait:)!!

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