Saturday, July 03, 2004

do I really want to buy more stuff?

I got up at 10 today because of the long day yesterday. I talked to Felix about my research for a while in the morning after I woke up. We had banana-walnut pancakes which were very good. Then, after Andi and Magaret went off to do some yard work and cleaning of a few houses, I went out with Felix and Ely. We went to a music store and a sporting goods store. And then had ice cream at this upscale ice cream store. It was very good! I had white chocolate with Oreos. And then we head back home as it started to rain. Andi called Urs and we are going to play Risk. This is the first time that I will be meeting her ex-boyfriend. The reason for most of my summer stress. Should be interesting. She is still frustrated as to why I can't just think of her ex as her friend. I guess I don't know. I am getting better, well, atleast I didn't choke. It is my first experience with an ex-boyfriend, and I guess there is a certain sense of insecurity but then when have I been completely secure in this relationship. It's kinda hard to do when your girlfriend tells you certain things about our relationship. Anyway, she just left to pick him up..the time is almost here.

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