Saturday, July 03, 2004

Chicago - the windy city

As it turned out in the end, it was just the two of us. For some reason, whenever it's stuff to do when we go out with just the two of, she automatically assumes it going to be boring. To anyone else, this might seem odd, but it's happened to me so many times, I should be getting used to it. We used the train in the morning and go to downtown Chicago at 10.30. The whole way there she was half asleep, it seemed to me that she wanted other people to come, especially Urs. When her mom asked her in the morning if anyone else was coming, she said a very dejected no. I am still trying to see some excitement in her because I came to see her, but none yet. The main reason is that she much rather be spending time with Urs because he is only here for another 10 days. We walked around to Michigan Avenue when we got off the train. I bought a cd of Lostprophets at Virgin records. Andi bought a tank top at H&M. That was all the shopping we did. Then we walked over to Navy Pier and took a few photographs near the fountain there. The Navy Pier wasn't as nice as the one at San Francisco. And then, we went over to the Taste of Chicago. This was a showcase of all the restaraunts in Chicago. Most of the big food portions were 8-9 tickets, and others ranged from 3-6. We bought 33 tickets for $21. We got to try out a lot of different kinds of food that we have never experienced before. We also saw 2 shows of extreme diving which was very cool. I took a lot of pictures of the diving and a video of the 80 foot dive. We also saw a bunch of people from New York performing on the side walk. They were doing a lot of acrobatic stuff, and I have this amazing video of a guy going over 10 people in 1 jump. It was stupendous. By that time, our feet were tired and Andi was really tired and out of it. We then head over to the Swing Dance thing and did the 30 mins refresher and then danced for a couple of hours before having to head back home. So, after an hour ride back home where Andi slept on my shoulders the whole way. It was a good day and it was nice to go around just with her. Of course, I love doing stuff with just her although I don't know if I can say the same about her. She tells me that she likes to do stuff with just me but quite a few times like this, we were alone because no one else could come. We didn't talk as much because she was tired and listless and just plain out of it. It would have been an exciting day if she was more alive. I wish she really showed me some appreciation of coming to visit her when I could have comfortably flown out of Cedar Rapids to go to Japan. She apologized for being listless through out the day before going to bed. She has had a long week and hasn't been able to sleep for the amount of time she wants to.

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