Friday, July 02, 2004

Is there something different about my girl?

Me and Marty left at 5.30 and got on the road soon after he dropped off his game at Family Video and I picked up a rose at the Hy-Vee florists. He took a different more scenic route there. We stopped at Hardee's and I ate a burger which was my first junk food in over a couple of weeks. I have been eating healthy and safe food for so long, I hope my stomach adjusts to the different kind of food in Japan. We talked all the way to where I was going to be picked up. He told me more about Sara, and I told him more about we met, our first moves..hehe.. I called Andi's home 4 times in between 8.30 and 9 because they were supposed to call Andi to tell her to pick me up. But, that didn't really work out, so her parents came and picked me up. And when I was being picked up, Andi called but we couldn't talk due to bad reception. When I realized that there was no one home, I called Doll to help me and Marty with directions to Andi's house in case they didn't come to get me. Well, we did also get a bit lost but that's adventure. I got to her house, I met Felix. He seems like an interesting guy, I might get to talk to him a bit more. I dunno, maybe try to get to know him the way I got to know Carlo. I know I am going to miss Carlo very much here:(. After Andi got back, we went out for a walk. She seemed very restless from the way she was walking and talking. She wouldn't tell me what was bothering her. Well, she did tell me that it was weird for her to have both her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend around at the same time. We are going into Chicago today and I thought it might be just the 2 of us but I think she wanted to ask if Urs and someone else wanted to come along. I don't know why she would ask him to come along if things are going to be awkward. anyway, her mind works in strange ways. Felix is going to come with us though and that should be fun. I don't know about Magaret. Well, I told her last night that if I knew that Urs was going to be there around the time I was planning on coming, I probably would not have come. I could have flown straight out of Cedar Rapids and saved myself a lot of hassle but anyway I am here. I hope she makes me feel that this trip to her house is worthwhile and enjoyable. The weirdness happened to me as well when I introduced Andi to Kristin for the first time. It was sooo awkward for me, but it did get better or rather I saw much lesser of Kristin than I wanted to. We might do a few touristy things and go to the Taste of Chicago for food and then swing dancing in the night. I talked to her mum for a bit after getting there. But lets see how time here progresses..I hope to God it's enjoyable.
And oh yeah, about my girl looking different, she has contacts and seems much fitter and slimmer.. She looks wonderful! Damn, makes her more irresistable.

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