Sunday, July 04, 2004

Met an old friend!

Yeah, I met Andi's ex last night. It was interesting. I was wondering if he had become buff-er from the last time I saw him but nah. he just got bigger, I actually look better than he does..funny. But then I am also trying to get into shape and be fitter than what I normally am. I want to be noticed, and I think a sure fire way is to lose weight and gain muscle. We played risk all night. It's a fun game and good bonding experience. Urs won the game but only narrowly. After Urs left, Andi asked why Magaret liked me rather than all her guy friends. She said that I was nice to her and treated her like a normal person. I was happy because I think the family needs to like you. We went out for a walk and then got back to find that Andi's parents were still watching the movie in the basement. She lay on me till her parents got done with the movie. I kinda miss making out with her but I guess we rather not risk it at her parent's place especially with so many people around. Althought, that never stopped us before. I don't know if it's a sign to worry about. I went to bed around midnight again and got up at 9.30. Andi and her family went to Church and saw Magaret being dedicated to the Equador mission trip. During that time, I met Kiran. It was fun seeing him again. His face hasn't changed but he looks more manly now. We kinda got caught up but I will be seeing him again after I get back from Japan. We just drove around for a while getting lost in the process. But we found our way back. We ate at the Red Lobster. It was fantastic food. I hadn't eaten sea food in a while so it tasted good. We also had a Sam Adams each. It's a bit more bitter than Corona but I liked it. We got back around 2.30 and he talked to Andi and her mum for a bit. Right now there are 20 people downstairs. 11 from one family! We are going to eat with them and then go to see the fireworks. I did get to talk to Doll for a bit and told her about my meeting with Kiran. I called Britta but she was busy with something apparently. I'll try her again later. And I like Kiran's car. He got a really good deal on it because it was "hail damaged" although I couldn't see any damage. All in all, it was good day. But the day is not done yet. Lets see how the day ends.

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