Thursday, July 01, 2004

the last blog from my room for about a month

I got back early from the poster session and finished up packing. I am taking a lot of shit: a lot of books and clothes. I might dump some off at Andi's house if I think it's too much. I withdrew a couple of hundred bucks to keep cash on me. And now my room looks sooo clean. I hope I didnt miss anything. I have all my essentials.. On the way back from ATM, I saw Matt and Amanda and they told me that they will be ready to beat me in RB when I get back. I gave some of my food away and threw away the other stuff that will go bad. I called Andi after getting back to tell her that I will be there earlier than what I told her. Well, I guess if I need anything else, I'll just buy it later. I also shaved, so my face is smooth again after a week. Although, my hair has grown tooo long and I am going to get it cut in the next couple of days. I should look good after that. I feel good due to all the workouts and running and playing racquetball.. I feel fit which is awesome! Anyway, time to sign off from my computer. I will miss my baby (read computer)... Byeeee room and Coe, for 28 days!!
[Listening to: Memory - Sugarcult - Palm Trees And Power Lines (3:46)]

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