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Handwriting personality analysis of President Bush

Bush: Betrayed by handwriting

[ THURSDAY, JULY 01, 2004 01:52:12 PM ]

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Let's face it, it's not too difficult to analyse a person through his handwriting, who consistently says the opposite of what he intends ("the death tax is good for people from all walks of life!") and coins strange words (subliminable, resignate, transformationed, Hispanos, arbolist).

President George W Bush is such a larger-than-life figure that even three words and an exclamation mark are enough to gauge his "axis" of character.

A Politicians Hand: The handwriting of the Texan-American, who once said, "For Nasa, space is still a high priority," is typical of a politician � energetic, angular hand, tent-like 't' and a slight right slant.

Talkative: The 'g', open at the top, means that the cowboy is talkative � nobody gets a word edgeways in White House meetings, when Bush holds court on "evil" Iraq and North Korea.

Courteous: He has a quality, which probably only Laura Bush is aware of. Her husband, Bin Laden listen up, is good-natured and courteous in manner. This is because his terminal strokes are upturned and have a right slant. Perhaps the FBI and the CIA can reform the world's baddies by asking them to forge and fuse Bush's slants and strokes.

Inappropriate Show Of Emotions: The capped crescent exclamation mark at the end of the three words, considering his choice of words, shows that Bush has a need to be emphatic in situations, when understated power will do just as well. It also indicates that he does not know how to marry emotion with occasion.

Mind Prone To Strain: The connecting strokes, in Bush's handwriting, are always present, so that all letters in a word are connected. This includes capitals connected to succeeding small letters. Mr President, you might not know it, but you have a logical, well-ordered mind. Notice, also, the spacing of your letters, which is crowded; and that they are never extended. It means although you have a good brain it's narrower than a bee's bum. It's also a mind, which is prone to mental confusion and strain, a fact thrown up by the crippled drawing of 'e's in all the three words.

Bush is given to dramatics: The 'd' in the word 'freedom' is in upper case (whereas it should have been in lower case) and has a small slash inside the loop. Handwriting that uses flourished upper casing in the middle of a word indicates that person likes to draw attention to himself.

Not Quick To Adapt: Bush's 'm' and 'n's are angular do not appear as 'w' and 'u' � these are characteristics of a person, who finds difficulty in adjusting other people's opinions. On the other hand it also reveals that Bush has simple tastes.

Hasty: The president's writing is not completely legible � ill-formed 'r' and 'o'; similar looking 'e' and 'i'; and merged letters ('d', 'o' and 'm') in the word 'freedom'. The capital 'R' in 'Reign' is not fully-formed. These handwriting features reveals that he tends to be hasty and in a constant race to catch up with his thoughts. It also shows that he is not a deep thinking person and has no patience with details. Instead Bush has good instincts and mostly stands by them. But he sees no point in looking at a decision from six different sides - he likes action. And mostly, he "gets them" � his hooked convex-curved 't' � that's why.

Don't Misunderestimate Him: Superpower honcho Bush likes to write his 'i's without dotting them. He might not know it, but this is a clear indication that he forgets important details and is careless. But that's alright. As he keeps reminding us � never "misunderestimate" him � 'i' dots be damned!

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