Sunday, July 11, 2004

Japanese alimento italiano?

July 11, 2004

I got up at 11.30 today. I then all I did was journal all afternoon. I think I will go out in the evening and grab some dinner when I am out.

Well, I thought I was being lazy staying in the apartment all day. So I decided that I would get some ready to eat dinner from the FamilyMart downstairs. I got some Japanese vermicelli kind of stuff which was a bit spicy. I also got a filled puff of some kind. So, it was a 500 Y meal which I supposed was decent. I wanted to get on the internet and didn�t want to spend 400 yen again. So, I biked down to Sojo University so that I could use the internet for free there. It was also the first time I biked down there. It took me about 15 minutes compared to the 60 minute walk. It would have taken me lesser time if I didn�t have to stop at the crossroads. It was nice and cool before I started biking and halfway through it felt that it had suddenly gotten humid. Musta have been the exertion because I was biking pretty hard. This was also the first time in a long time that I have biked hard, so my muscles were getting tired easily. It should get better soon.

I got to Sojo and found Masao at his office reviewing a paper that he was sent from a journal. I used the net for a while to check some of my email and post the blogs I have been writing offline. They are pretty long and will take some patience to read. I still have to post most of my pictures. I am going to use the new blog I set up specifically for pictures. I was there for about an hour and then Masao asked me if I had eaten dinner. I told him that I had a little something. So, he took me out to eat. I left the office planning on coming in early the next day to do a bit of emailing.

We walked down and saw that the curry place was closed and then we went down further to a pasta and pizza place. We ordered two large specialty pizzas which had sausage, pepperoni and strands of a pepper. It was a thin crust, and the dough was soft. It was a bit oily but pretty good. Masao is trying out stuff with me which makes me happy. I took a sneak peek at the bill total. $40 for 2 people! Holy Shit! Well, I guess it�s not that bad, I have paid that much before. But that was a once in a while kind of eating out. I told him that beer and pizza was an American staple and we should try it. He didn�t want me to imbibe alcohol before my bike ride back to my apt. Sound decision.. I got back around 9.45 and did some journaling to catch up with today�s happening. I feel sleepy already so I�ll probably hit the sack soon.

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