Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Today was a good day. Although, all we did were
four solutions, rest of the things in the day were good.  I finally got the
much awaited camera that was a royal pain in the ass
to order. Took a short break from work to fetch it from the mailroom after I saw
that it had arrived using the tracking number. Its a wonderful camera, half my
palm.. its a teeny tiny camera perfect for mom! I am going to try it out before
I take it home for sure, maybe take some pictures in Peterson.

Now, the part that brightened my day was that Bhav
finally sent me some of the pictures that I had been bugging her for the last
months!! Pictures from her childhood, ie baby size and then probably 5
year old pictures. And then there were some more recent photos, from school and
junior college.. some with friends and some without. The picture I liked the
best was the one with the lovely smile during her 17th
, youthful exuberance in her grin... Where did those days go :-(?
days I would talk to her everyday, talk to someone I had met just once or twice
but yet best friends....

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