Monday, June 02, 2003

The only things that were out of ordinary in the last two days were the chats (internet and phone) I had.

My day started out with Bhavya finally coming online after 3 painfully long weeks. I would wait every weekend in the morning to get her online but it never happened. Then I realized she must have been nursing her mom once she got out of the hospital. She is one of the most responsible people I know. There have been many friends I thought were responsible and "good". Well, I'll never see them in the same light anymore, I still like them exactly as before, maybe a bit more but I will see them as normal people with temptations and the inability to conquer it, no more super women. With every chat, I get to know her better. I just wish I could hear her voice with all the inflections and nuances in the tone to catch her train of thought. eChat simply is not enough, even though I have audio-video chat capabilites, she doesnt. Its just not the same.

*I still remember when I talked to her after almost a year when I was in Toronto, Canada during Spring Break. The 30 minutes of talk time was enough to quench my thirst that had been building up all this while. She has a lot on her mind, I want to be there for her all the time and I think she knows that she has one friend here who loves her the way she is. She changed my life since I've met her, I see things differently. I think one of the saddest days in my life was when we met for the last time before I left for Nigeria. The lunch at Pizza Hut (our first lunch date), the shopping at Lifestyle for my watch (I spent a major chunk of my pocket money on this, my parents were really pissed about it, oops), she then bought me a book (Abduction by Robin Cook) and I ended the shopping by buying a shirt for her. She didnt want me to, but I told her that I wanted to buy her something before I left, because I wouldn't see her for a long time. I took her home to meet my parents because they hadn't met her for the 3 years I'd known her. For that, I had seen her only thrice in all the time I knew her. For the first time with a bunch of my friends around. Adu got her, and we saw each other for the first time then. Adu was a sweetie and still is if I can get to talk to her. Bhavya and me were very shy around each other even though we had talked on the phone for the last year. I guess it was strange to meet your a voice you hear on the phone in real life, in person.*

Oh my! I went off on a tangent there. Coming back to the topic of me talking to her yesterday. She wasn't home for three weeks, she was at her grampa's. No wonder she couldn't come online. Even yesterday, she made a point to get out and get me online. Thats so sweet of her, that meant a lot to me even if she didn't notice. She did something like this last year as well. She woke up at 2 AM just to talk to me. My, this would something I would normally do. I wake up early for my parents all the time especially when they call me because thats one time they can actually get a hold of for sure. Anyway, she was telling me how she had to be with her mom most of the time to massage her to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) because the hip implant was replaced. She really needs to take some time off and relax for a few days, let her sis and dad handle it for a few hours so that she can go out for a breath. I am really worried about her health too. I also discovered one thing about her that she "forgot" to mention in all our chats before, she beat the shit out of a girl in her grade 11 residential hall. Oh my! She is a firecracker! I didn't think she had such a short fuse! The story was action packed! I wish I was there to see this catfight as she put it. But whats a cat fight with pulling each other's hair or scratching faces! We talked for a loooong time. It felt so good. Brought a smile to my rather damp week, a ray of sunshine, something that wasnt there for a long time. The only other people who bring sunshine to my life are Mary and Kristin....

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