Monday, June 02, 2003

I also talked to my parents, something that is going on everyday now. They are in sync with everythign that is going on here. I am so happy that there is nothing I hide from them, they know about my friends, my inclination towards wine and other expensive drinks which keeps me away from drinking, my plans for the summer, my grades, my plans for the winter.... We are buying a digital camera and they are deciding on one to buy and I am helping in the process in means of suggestion. We have been researching for a camera for mom that she can carry around and still be a good digital camera for home. We should be making the decision soon I think. I also have to send in the application for Nigerian Visa. I have to spend 200 freaking dollars on a stupid and digusting third world country's visa! Although the job dad has there is paying for my education. I don't even like to call it home there, all that I go for are my parents. I don't even have friends there. Many facilites but no one to share it with, play with, talk with...I wish some of my friends would come home with me one break, I'll show them the beauty of the campus and I'll realize the fun I can have if I have close friends around. My bro is always there.... Thats the only relief, Robi is someone I talk to sometimes, watch movies with, play with... I really do miss him, I think about things he is doing with his new friends in Woodstock, if he is happy there and playing everything safe. I will be seeing my parents and brother in a month if all goes well. My ticket is booked just my visa needs to be done. I have to get a passport size photo and a $200 DD to accompany the application.

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