Monday, June 02, 2003

I also talked to Mary in the night. It been a week since I have seen her. The last 2 months were spent mostly with them. I got to know them well, and they didnt mind having me around. I spent some nights getting to know Mary better before she left because there was a distinct possibility that she wouldn't be coming back. She is truly one of a kind, I met her in the beginning of the year at a church and tried to get talking but she simply wouldn't. I guessed she was introverted and I guessed right. This guess was further consolidated when Kristin did talk to me and Becky when we were there and I tried my best trying to engage Mary in any sustained conversation. Thats the first and last time that I saw them together for about 6 months. I saw Mary again in another 2 months when she moved down to Calc 1 from 2. I thought she was familiar when I saw her in the class but couldn't place her. It took me a day to realize that she was the same girl I had met couple of months back at the makeshift church. I tried yet again to engage her in conversation but failed yet again. I didnt know if it was me or she just didnt want to talk, I simply couldnt figure it out. I didnt approach her anymore during the rest of the semester. The next time I saw her and Kristin was during 24/7 when I actually talked to her and got some laughs out of them. Slowly but surely she became more free around me, took about a month. And since then, she has been a wonderful friends, someone who I liked being around and she liked being around me. Henceforth my 2nd home in Murray. I spent most of my free time there. I think I was there later than I was at any one else's room ever, apart from the times that I had to take care of a puking buddy. And she is the only one I call sunshine, among all my friends. Also, she is probably the only person I know who is thinking of transfering because she is unhappy here. I really do wish she comes back here, life would certainly be different without her here. I also think she has a very refreshing style of dressing, something I haven't seen a long time. A great friend once she becomes comfortable around someone, a ray of sunshine.. I hope she is having fun dancing!!

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