Thursday, July 03, 2003

Right now, I am sitting in my father's office scanning photos of my childhood. I plan to get some of these printed and most of them will be going online in my photo album too.

*The damn firewall in the office blocks all messengers! Even at home, it blocks AIM while it lets the rest of them to work, I dont know what's up with that. I thought I'd chat as well and scan. Doesnt seem like it now. I simply can't figure out why it doesnt work even with the proxy input. I give up!*

This time the trip home has certainly not been a cakewalk. Got to the airport and then found out that Air France and Delta had different baggage policies. I had to pay 110 bucks to carry the cycle along with me, I was soo pissed. They are both members of the Skyteam, some team members. I really dont feel like flying Air France anymore, I have seriously had enough, over priced tickets and sub par services. Anyway, flight to Paris was 8 and a half hours long because the plane had to circle and land in the airport from the other side due to cross winds. That ate 30 minutes of my 2 hour transit here. And then after landing it took the bus 45 minutes to pick us up. ie 15 minutes left for me to get to board which included taking a bus and passing security checks. I barely made it to the flight only to find out that the flight would be 1.5 hours late due to a cargo door part malfunction. What luck! But I was glad that I got to Lagos at last and with all my baggage! Thank God that Papa also arrived the same evening, thats the only reason that I was picked up too, because they had me slated in to come tomorrow. Got to the guesthouse and set out for home at 5.30 in the morning. great! to top off the armed robberies,we now have a fuel strike. This country is going to the dogs, wait, its already gone to the dogs...

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