Monday, February 06, 2006

This is what a Honda feels like (UK commercial)

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Discover Honda's amazing new Civic ad (UK). The two-minute performance begins with a 60 strong choir in a multi-storey car park about to embark on a musical piece. Garrison Keillor (the voice of Honda) breaks his silence with the line "This is what a Honda feels like". As the composition begins, you realise that every sound the choir makes is an accurate representation of the sounds the car makes on it's journey - everything from going through a tunnel, to driving over a gravel driveway, to the windscreen demisting on a frosty morning, to reversing down an urban street. The choir effectively sings the Honda Civic driving experience. (iTunes podcast description)

I loved this ad due to the commercial's innovative creativism. It is an amazing acapella performance.

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