Friday, February 24, 2006

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

So, this was week one of midterms. I was swamped with tests to study for and homeworks that were due. I am certainly glad that the weekend is finally here. I have to catch up with errands like booking hotels for my parents, calling the grad schools for an update, and talk to people who I haven't spoken to for a bit. I also realized that I don't hang out with certain people as much as I used to. I see Komal, Goms and perhaps Jessi the most. I am partly to blame for not seeing anyone as much as I used to. I'm in the library so much, that I get back too late to hang out with anyone. Plus I live a little further away from the dorms which makes it a bit of a hike to get to me. So, I usually go over to their rooms.

I also have a peculiar feeling. Perhaps it's too early to say if I will actually feel like this as we head to graduation. I feel like I can let go of everything related to Coe. I don't know why I feel like that but I am ready to move on. To fresh beginning. A clean slate. This is why the Oak Ridge semester was awesome socially. No histories to worry about. Idiosyncracies are still cute. And I made a permanent set of friends in a jiffy.

I was talking to one of my friends about international students and paying for staying in their rooms during closed breaks. I think it should be presented more explicitly in the admissions package that is sent out. They do mention it but it's in the fine print. Also, I think the school should provide housing for international students or include it in the financial aid package. I don't think every one will utilize that. I can say that because I probably wouldn't. I use those breaks to get off campus and clear my head. Additionally, I like to travel too much, and visit people and places. I haven't been at Coe a single break in the 4 years I've been enrolled. I have always gone somewhere. I guess I can list them:

  • Fall Break: Des Moines, IA (with Komal for a Nepali gathering) + Ames, IA ( to visit one of Dad's friends)

  • Thanksgiving: Dubuque, IA (Becky and family)

  • Winter Break: Nigeria (home)

  • Spring Break: Toronto (Canada)

  • Spring Semester: Nashville, TN (American Ceramics Society conference)

  • Summer: Nigeria ( home for two weeks during research at Coe) + Ames, IA

  • Fall Break: Minneapolis, MN

  • Thanksgiving: Batavia, IL ( with Andi) /Kansas City, MO

  • Winter: India (wedding, family, and friends)

  • Pre-semester: San Francisco

  • Spring Break: Batavia, IL ( with Andi)

  • Summer: Japan ( For two weeks to do research)

  • Fall Break: Chicago, IL

  • Fall semester: Alburquerque, NM (Society of Physics Students Congress)

  • Thanksgiving: Janesville, WI (with Amanda)

  • Winter: Nigeria ( home)

  • Spring Break: Manhattan, NY ( visit my cousin) + Minneapolis, MN ( visit Mary)

  • Summer: Batavia ( for Italian visa and visit Andi) + Italy (for travel and conference)

  • Fall semester: Oak Ridge + Smoky Mountain National Park + Knoxville + Nashville, TN (Oak Ridge Science Semester)

  • Winter: Wales, UK (visiting friends) + Nigeria ( home)

  • Spring Break: Washington DC ( with Jessi)

So, I guess I have done a fair amount of travel for an undergrad college student. Okay, I think I am going to stop there. Compiling that list took a little bit of time and I think the post is long enough.

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