Monday, February 20, 2006

I wish for more weekends like this..

Komal and I had heard a lot about Rang de Basanti (Official or IMDB), an Indian quasi-patriotic drama which breaks the norm of Indian cinemas. First, it doesn't have as many musical scenes as normal movies, and they were adventurous with the cinematography. So, we watched that. And then the rest of the night, I spent browsing and trying out new Web 2.0 start ups. I have found a few, and I'll write about them when I have tried them out for a little while.

And then came Saturday. I helped people who needed an extra hand while cooking. It was also fun to taste everything ;). Finally, came the fun part of the evening, the swing dance at the Charlie's. We got so many people from Cornell College and University of Iowa. They have big swing dance clubs and most of them are excellent dancers. I found three people from Iowa who had some of the best arm tensions I've ever encountered and then there were three from Cornell. I really need to pick up more moves and add to my repertoire because I get bored doing the same stuff. The dance floor is still extremely slick and I was sliding all over with my dancing shoes. So, I switched to my skechers and still managed to fall. Komal said that I fell while dancing with someone HOT! Funny, I am trying to remember who that was.. I did dance with Komal to a sexy number. She can move! Dancing with Nicole was fun! She can dance very well, and responds quick to my leads. I got to waltz with Sonya. And try out tandem and chase charleston with one of the girls from Iowa. I need to learn how to lead those better. Kiki suggested a hand position change. I'll try that. So, it was a fantastic night filled with swing dancing.

And today, we had the biggest International Club event of the semester. The Banquet was a ton of fun and completely crazy. There were so many people that many were turned away once we crossed 250. There was a good variety of appertizers, entrees and desserts. I got lucky as I got to try most of the food. In the afternoon before the banquet, I helped Komal and Jobin make Mango Lassi which was a high-calorie concoction with mango pieces, buttermilk, heavy cream, sugar, ice and mango water. It was really good. It was so good that while serving I ran out of it and had to close my station. I took pictures with a lot of friends and I'll put them up soon.

Apart from all that fun, I studied for my Thermodynamics test and wrote up my cheat sheet. I have to finish studying for the rest of the classes tomorrow. This means that I have to wake up at 9 or 9.30 instead of 11.30 like my usual MWFSaSun. Lol. Yup, the only days that I wake up early is at 8 am for classes Tues-Thurs. So, Modern Algebra gets done first and then Topology and Hindu Gods.. Okay, so I have a plan. That's good.

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